5 Digital Marketing Metrics That Matter

Marc Poirier is the co-founder and CMO of marketing at Acquisio, where he leads all sales and marketing activities. He often speaks at events like SES, and writes columns and articles for publications like Search Engine Watch and SES Magazine.

Marketing is currently in a state of evolution where it is dispensing (again) with the old, and introducing the new. So if digital marketers who buy media are hung up on last-click attribution they are missing so much of the big picture.

They need to start looking at the role of media as an introducer and as an influencer, rather than just a last-click deal closer. They also have to start looking at customer engagement and its influence.

Here are five metrics that can help a digital marketer take these new shifts into consideration and better handle their daily bid management routine.

1. Bounce Rate

Monitoring how different ads or keywords generate different bounce rates can make a huge difference in your optimization efforts. Traffic sent to your landing page, homepage, or to an internal page on your website should yield important differences in bounce rates. You will need to bid down on bounce rates that are one standard deviation above the average, and bid up on lower ones.

Don’t abandon low-converting properties with a low bounce rate, because the reality is that you’ve managed to start an interaction with someone that could turn into something a lot more important than you may have first anticipated. Read the rest of this entry »

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Facebook’s Not the Only One Struggling With Mobile Advertising

Considering all the attention it gets, mobile advertising is still a pipsqueak in the industry, accounting for just $1.6 billion globally in 2011.

Compare that to the overall $498 billion global ad market and you might wonder what all the fuss is about. Even newspaper revenues, which hit their lowest mark in 60 years in 2011 were 129 times higher than those for mobile. True, mobile advertising is a fast-growing category — that 2011 figure is triple what it was in 2009 — but even if the category nearly doubles, as it’s projected to do by 2014, we’re still talking about a $3 billion market.

At the moment, though, the mobile advertising segment is known for its destructive power — it’s a vampire, sucking the net worth out of Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Google. Investors, who calculate the value of a company based on how they think it will do down the road, see a future in which users are accessing Google and Facebook products and services more via mobile devices. In that scenario, falling ad revenues are inevitable.

Of the two, Google is doing the best; CEO Larry Page claimed a $2.5 billion run rate for mobile ads last October, which appears to give the company more than 100% of the global market. However, even that’s not enough for investors, who fret that Google’s cost-per-click keeps falling as mobile ads become more prominent.

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Apple’s iOS dominated mobile online shopping in 2011 with 92% of market

apple-iosDespite the proliferation of Android devices, users of devices running Apple’s iOS dominated mobile online shopping in 2011, spending 19 percent more than those using Google’s platform to end the year with a 92 percent share of the market.

A study by retail analysis firm RichRelevance released on Friday notes that iOS devices accounted for the bulk of all online non-desktop sales in 2011, holding just over 92 percent of the market, reports Market Watch.

The recent study analyzed 3.4 billion shopping sessions between April and December 2011, finding that mobile sales from iOS devices grew from 88 percent in April to over 92 percent in December. This provides further evidence that despite holding a fraction of Android’s worldwide device market share, Apple’s iOS growth continues to lead the market in many ways including online browsing.

“The numbers across our retailing partners sites demonstrate just how powerful the iOS platform is enabling mobile web shopping and, while still below 5 percent in total conversion, mobile traffic’s doubling in eight months is a trend we only see accelerating,” said Rich Relevance CEO David Selinger.

Mobile online spending has been growing steadily over 2011, with sales from mobile devices doubling from 1.87 percent of total retail sales in April to to 3.74 percent in December. Retailer’s websites also saw an increase of traffic from smartphones, which grew from under 9 percent to 18 percent.

The average order value (AOV) of purchases originating from iPhones and iPads is also larger when compared to other platforms, with cost of purchase coming in at $123 for December. Android and desktop orders followed with $101 and $87 AOV, respectively.

Online shopping appears to be trending to mobile devices as mobile AOV is at $120 compared to desktop orders, which now stand at $110 as of December. In April, the two modes of online shopping were nearly identical.

Weekends see the most mobile shoppers, with sales jumping 25 percent above weekday traffic. Thanksgiving was the peak shopping day of the year, and saw a 40 percent boost in mobile sales that accounted for 24 percent of all online retail purchases.

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What role will have in future social networks + Google

google+Google social network that launched on June 28, allows users to organize connections in circles of friends (Circles), because then they can share information in the circles on which they have chosen. It has a video chat option that more people can participate simultaneously (hangouts) and an option called Sparks, which users receive news and information about topics that interest them. Also interact with Picasa, Google’s photo site.
Like many other Google products, Google + is not a final version. Access to social network is by invitation only for now. So far, 11.5 million people have created accounts on Google +, according to estimates by Paul Allen, an analyst quoted by the Huffington Post.

First reactions to Google + are generally positive, even if sometimes skeptical. Katie Boehret of the Wall Street Journal estimated design service. “Surprisingly, Google + was built with more attention to issues and delightful animations, unlike other Google programs. It is elegant and ingenious. Some of its options are more visible and easier to use than Facebook, where the settings are buried in menus cumbersome.”

But the aspect that Google is touting the most to its new social networking are so-called circles – friends lists can be created by simply placing, drag & drop a picture in a predetermined circle. Contacts can be removed just as easily in circles. Only people I know who created the circle and name the members, unlike groups on Facebook, where you said, but you can see the group name and who else is in it.

Sparks feature encourages users to choose topics that interest – from sports to movies – which will then receive Google news page +. Hangouts option allows a user to start a video chat, where you can join up to 10 of his friends. Unlike Facebook, Google + has a mobile option, similar to the BlackBerry Messenger, which can be used simultaneously for 100 people.

One of the highly acclaimed new Google + is the way it was released. “He was released early (the Google + Android resets each time you access another application and come back then, plus is not a job finished, and the application for photographs seems to be ready), but learn from feedback” , Nat Torkington from O’Reilly writes. com “They have a great feedback mechanism (you can do a screen capture from within the browser and mark it on different regions, so your comments appear in context). The service is changed from this feedback.” Read the rest of this entry »

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EU leaders seek radical solutions to Greece

Greece economic crisisNegotiators are far from consensus. There is no agreement on the involvement of private investors and even about the next meeting of euro zone leaders on this issue.

The proposals appear to be a step forward, indicating that the talks focused on a comprehensive agreement to end immediately the financial market uncertainties related to Greece instead aim to keep afloat the Greek state to find a permanent solution in months or years to come.

“The markets are driving this debate, not politicians” said a banker.

He added that be found a comprehensive solution for the crisis in Greece and there is a chance for a solution in the coming weeks.

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said Thursday in a Cabinet meeting that talks on such an agreement is a positive factor.

The proposals include reducing the debt of 345 billion euros, instead of simply funding Greece can continue service financial obligations, hoping that will solve our own problems. One solution would be an exchange between old bonds with new ones, or redemption of bonds. In both cases, investors would have to accept the reduction in value of holdings.

Other measures would recapitalize European banks, especially the Greek, which are too weak to bear the losses arising from holdings of sovereign bonds, and the continued financing of credit institutions without access to markets.

It also discussed a plan to revitalize the Greek economy, focused more on growth and not just on reducing the budget deficit.

Another proposal is to grant new loans to Greece, with lower interest rates and long maturity.

The change in approach came last week when Italian and Spanish bond yields increase and Portugal and Ireland demotion ratings clearly showed the lack of a comprehensive solution to the crisis threatens to absorb the larger countries.

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Google shares soar on earnings surprise

google stockAlthough Google investors remain wary of the spending and long-term intentions of the company’s taciturn new chief executive, and co-founder, Larry Page, Google reassured them Thursday with financial results that beat Wall Street analysts expectations.

Shares in internet search giant Google soared in after hours trading Wednesday after it reported second quarter earnings that blew past analysts’ estimates.

It made $2.5 billion US, or $7.68 a share in the April-June period, a 36 per cent increase from $1.84 billion, or $5.71 per share, a year ago.

If not for costs covering employee stock, Google said it would have earned $8.74 per share. That figure topped the average analyst estimate of $7.84 per share.

It reported after the close of markets and in after hours trading, its shares rose as much as $66.86, or 12.6 per cent, to $595.80 on heavy volume of 2.4 million shares.

Google’s stock price, which has fallen 9 percent this year as investors react to uncertainty about Mr. Page, ballooning expenses, challenges from Facebook and stepped-up scrutiny from federal regulators, climbed 12 percent in after-hours trading.

“We had a great quarter,” said Larry Page, Google’s chief executive, in a statement. “I’m super excited about the amazing response to Google+, which lets you share just like in real life.”

Mr. Page was referring to the social network that Google introduced last month. Some analysts also found comfort in Google+, which is not yet fully open to the public but has attracted millions of users and glowing reviews in its first two weeks, an about-face from the reaction to Google’s previous social networking efforts.

Revenue increased 32 per cent to $9 billion. After subtracting Google’s advertising commissions, revenue stood at $6.9 billion. That also beat analyst projections of $6.54 billion in net revenue. Read the rest of this entry »

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Forex – the only casino in the world where even has a chance to win!

forex moneyAs things in the world, we are moving rapidly towards a neo-feudalism that will be exploited or be exploited. I can confess that I approached about two weeks shy of FOREX software. I was convinced 100% that is again a great scam. And frankly not really changed my mind. A healthy economy is one in which producers take the thick of their labor income and intermediaries a small commission.It was now that speculators do not produce anything tangible to hold and control the enormous financial resources while farmers all over the world are starving. As an aside I want very much a major food crisis to return to ancestral traditions to produce our own food. Returning to our sheep, with sound knowledge, a very severe discipline and a strong mind can make money even in international exchange speculation. I still less because we are all wrong and perch but I recovered, I started to study seriously and have ruled out all chance in this matter. And in the weeks ahead I will account to the initial level and you start going on more. Forex business has to be regarded as extremely serious. Do not expect you rich overnight. My target is to gain from this employment to my former job.

Forex Advantages:

  • Do not have to do your business, you do not need invoices, accounting, secretarial, stamp, tails the tax authorities, the Trade Register, etc..
  • Do not have chief
  • Do not have target
  • Do not have schedule: Forex market is open Monday to Friday 23:59 00:00
  • buy and sell different products (you could imagine that you trade with vegetables, fruit, cell phones, iPhones, software, clothes, cosmetics, etc.)
  • all you need is a PC or laptop bitter and a stable internet connection (things anyway you read this blog since)
  • you have time for yourself, family, friends, football hall, fitness, books, whatever you want and enjoy
  • you need a capital of several hundreds or thousands of euro (for the beginning of the demo account in which you make up your mastering virtual U.S. dollars) Read the rest of this entry »

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Hungary introduces new tax, “chips” tax on unhealthy foods

chips taxBudapest – Unhealthy foods such as potato crisps, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks are to be subject to a new tax in Hungary under legislation passed Monday, which the government hopes will improve the nation’s health.
Originally referred to as a ‘hamburger‘ tax, local media dubbed the levy the ‘chips‘ tax when it became clear that the government bill would not affect food offered by fast food restaurants.
Sugary drinks, pre-packaged cakes and salty snacks and food flavourings will be subject to the levy.
Potato crisps (chips) will be taxed at 200 forints, or just over a dollar, per kilogramme. This could raise the price of a standard 90g pack by around 10 per cent when the law takes effect in September.
Nevertheless, opposition politicians have said the tax does not go far enough, with left- and right-wing parties accusing Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s conservative government of caving in to lobby groups.
However, a senior member of the governing Fidesz party, Janos Lazar, told reporters that new controls on fast food restaurants would be proposed this week after meetings with representatives on Tuesday.
In advertising aimed at children, ‘particularly close attention’ would be paid to the sugar and fat content of foods, Lazar was quoted as saying by the state news agency MTI.
Hungarians – heavy smokers and drinkers whose traditional diet is rich in pork fat and salt – have one the lowest life expectancies in the European Union. The government has said the revenue raised by the ‘chips’ tax will be used to fund public health awareness campaigns.

To the surprise of all, an amendment to the government’s bank tax provisions was also included in the latest tax bill. This amendment grants banks the option of paying a 30% tax on profits, which can then be taken into account in the bank tax levied on the balance sheet. The amendment also increases from 0.5% to 0.53% the tax imposed on those banks in Hungary with an annual tax base of over HUF50bn, although transfers between the country’s banks and their subsidiaries within the European Union (EU) may now be deducted from the tax base.

Hungary’s bank tax was approved by parliament by a large majority in July. The new law imposed a special annual tax of 0.15% or 0.5% on the banks balance sheet totals in a bid to generate additional revenues of around HUF200bn (EUR690m) for the government. Both the International Monetary Fund and the EU expressed their opposition at the time to the tax, warning that it could serve to weaken the banks and to damage both the investment climate and economic growth.

This statement is half true, half humbug, though. Romania’s Health Ministry was in fact mulling such fast food tax, but a month ago it announced that the surcharge would not be implemented this year. Romanian business daily Ziarul Financiar reported at the end of May that the deadline for Health Minister Attila Cseke’s proposal submitted in January lapsed in March and that the ministry’s press department informed them that there was no room to levy the “hamburger tax” under the current economic conditions.

So, if Hungary decided to put a “hamburger tax” into effect this year, it will be the first country ever to punish unhealthy eating and drinking this way.


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How earn money on the Forex market?

Make money with FOREX marketFOREX Market is the largest trading market in the world and is where you can trade currencies of different countries in the world, that you can buy some coins and sell others to benefit from gains from currency fluctuations. All banks traded on the exchange market and the value exceeds $ 1 trillion per day. Forex market is open around the clock so you can make transactions at any time, including in Romania, including at night (online), except on weekends.

The advantage of FOREX market is trading on margin, that can take advantage of gains (and losses) of investments on the spot market (spot market) but with much less money invested (even 1% of the amount).

Example: say that the report EUR/USD is 1.2. If the spot market (common market) to buy Euro 1000 we need $ 1,200, the Forex market in general we need only 1% of this money, the rest of the money “borrowing them” the broker at an interest very low overnight.

Let’s say that the report now EUR/USD rises to 1.3 and we have relied on growth (that I bought and I sold euro dollars). Means that the 1,000 euro ($ 1,200 buy) are now 1,300 dollars on the spot market so we won $ 100, which represents a yield of 8.3% ($ 100 gain on investment of $ 1,200) . The FOREX market is all but gain $ 100, but compared to our investment of only 1% of $ 1,200 ($ 12). This means a yield of 833.3%.

The difference between how much money you need on the spot market and how much money you need on FOREX market is called laverage. In my example above, if the spot market we need all the money (100%), and the FOREX market only 1%, that means laverage site is 100. I saw some time online brokers offering silaverage 200, 400 or 500. Remember, this is pretty tricky! Do not necessarily choose the lowest laverage! It is true that allows you to invest as little and earn as much, but you must think it is possible to mistake the meaning of speculation (ie think EUR / USD will drop and actually increase). In this case, because laverage site was small and we greedy to buy more now lose more. So it is very misleading.

But the big question is that how you can find out the best time to buy and how you can predict that if you buy, the price will go up and you will make a profit? This is the most important question that makes you a successful trader.
There are two methods to know the optimum time to buy and sell: Technical and Fundamental Analysis.
In technical analysis, you can predict the direction of the price using the the price chart analysis and also with the help of some special tools that are called Indicators.

Those interested can contact directly FOREX market companies that offer online trading services – some of them can be found in ads in the box right here on the blog.

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Petrovietnam eyes ConocoPhillips assets

PetroVietnam And Partners Weigh ConocoPhillipsHANOI, Vietnam-Vietnam’s state oil group Petrovietnam and its partners may buy US$1.5 billion in oil assets in the contentious South China Sea from ConocoPhillips, according to Petrovietnam’s chief executive.

Petrovietnam’s plan demonstrates a commitment to help protect Vietnam’s sovereignty in the East Sea, as it calls the disputed area, the company’s chief executive, Phung Dinh Thuc, was quoted as saying.

The company will not change its production and exploration activities in the region, Thuc said in a statement published by PV Oil, Petrovietnam’s marketing arm.

The resource-rich area has been the scene of several clashes in recent months between China, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Vietnam and the Philippines have accused China of cutting seismic cables on oil and gas exploration ships, threatening to ram vessels and firing shots at fishermen. China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Brunei claim parts or all of the South China Sea, a territory believed to be sitting on rich deposits of oil, gas and minerals, as well as being a major shipping lane.

Officials at ConocoPhillips in Vietnam could not be reached for comment. Thuc spoke with domestic media on Tuesday, but his comments were not released until Friday.

“The reason this firm is withdrawing is probably because they are restructuring,” Thuc was quoted as referring to ConocoPhillips, while speaking at the Tuesday briefing, which excluded foreign media organizations.

“There is also an opinion that this oilfield is in a complicated stage” and they are no longer increasing production, he said. He did not say when a deal might be made.

ConocoPhillips owns a 23.3 percent stake in a complex of five oilfields in the area. It owns 36 percent of the Rang Dong oilfield in the Cuu Long basin and 16.3 percent in the Nam Con Son gas pipeline project, the statement said.

ConocoPhillips’ partners include Petrovietnam with a 50 percent interest, state-run Korea National Oil Corp with 14.2 percent, Korea’s SK Corp with 9 percent and 3.5 percent owned by Monaco’s Geopetrol.

The area in the South China Sea is seen loaded with oil and gas deposits and has been hotly contested by China, the Philipines and Vietnam over proprietary rights. Vietnam and the Philippines have even alleged increasing Chinese hostilities in the area, with China reportedly resorting to disruption of seismic cables on oil and gas exploration ships, threatening to ram vessels and firing shots at fishermen.

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